MDC Global is a multidisciplinary engineering design firm based in Western Australia that has successfully completed and delivered a diverse portfolio of design projects.
MDC Global draws on its wealth of experience from its engineers who have worked on building services design on an array of project types such as:
  • Multi-Residential Developments
  • Commercial Office Developments
  • Shopping Centre Developments
  • Hotel and Resort Developments
  • Aged Care Facility Developments
  • Sports and Recreational Facility Developments
  • Industrial and Aerodrome Developments
  • Non-Process Infrastructure Developments
Our unique blend of design knowledge has given MDC Global the skills necessary to meet and exceed Client’s project expectations in today’s marketplace.


MDC Global was founded in September 2015 as Macfield Design and Consulting.

In 2019 CSG acquired a controlling interest over MDC, looking to align synergies and offer a complimentary services to its clients.


To be a successful provider of engineering design and construction solutions in compliance with Client’s specifications, Australian & International Standards.


  Understand project objectives and outcomes

    Provide cost-effective engineering design solutions

      Communicate effectively and provide prompt responses

     Promote good leadership and management

    Succeed and grow into the future


MDC Global’s Quality Assurance Policy is an integral part of our daily work and project deliverables. MDC implements a comprehensive documentation management system based on AS/ISO 9001:2008.
Our staff have worldwide experience and bring local project and industry knowledge to the projects we work on, ensuring our policies are relevant and tailored to each specific project.
The purpose of the documentation management system is to ensure that standards, processes and procedures required to achieve the desired results for both our Clients and MDC Global are in place.
Our documentation management system is continually monitored and, where necessary, changes are implemented to improve our systems.


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