Hydraulic, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Services.


MDC Global offers services across Australia with a team of exceptional engineers and designers across multiple sectors. Our engineering consultants organize and conduct design reviews with a complete display of your requirements and needs.

We believe and work for your ideas, so you can profit from our services. Crossing great heights and depths to identify and work on impressive new talent with the help of our skill sets to create truly appealing results. Our team’s expertise and professionalism are worth trusting for! While our experts are working on your requirements, they’re also available in providing you with answers and solutions if any more doubts or questions pop up.




We provide you with three Engineering services, under which different stages are involved for your needs.

In Mechanical Engineering, we can provide Ventilation Design, Heating Designs, Air Conditioning Design, and Compressed Air. For the Hydraulic Engineering side, we are capable of providing Water Supply and Drainage Design, Gas Design, Storm- Water Design, and Wet Fire Protection Design. Lastly, our Electrical Engineering services include,  Low Voltage (LV) Power Design, Lightning Design, Supply Authority Liaison, and Applications. Communication Design, Security System Design, Lightning Protection, Dry Fire Detection Design, High Voltage (HV) Power Design.

Wellington Student Accommodation Project

Comprehensive Value Engineering analysis on the PPR and the client’s consultant documentation, along with the Electrical Services Design and Documentation.

Odyssey Robina

Completion of all the Electrical Design

Recognizing the importance of providing the best leading-edge technology at times like this is the most needed in the industry. MDC Global builds systems for new developments with the help of our expert engineers that adapt to bringing new and cost-effective design techniques. We provide leadership and expertise that helps us as a company in managing capital projects from the design to the construction and delivery phase for new projects. Our sectors involve Residential, Commercials/Offices, Shopping centres, Hotels and Resorts, Healthcare and Aged Care, Refurbishments/ Fit-out works, Public and Education, Industrial and Aerodrome, Leisure, sports and Recreational, Non-Process Infrastructure (NPI). We’re here to provide you with 24/7 help.

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